Buffalo / Windows 10 Compatibility

This list is based on testing with a pre-release version of Windows 10.



Not currently Compatible


Confirmation in Progress



Category Product Code EU
LinkStation LS210D Series
LS220D Series
LS220DE Series
LS410D Series
LS420D Series
LS420DS Series
LS421DE Series
LS441D Series
LS441DE Series
LS520D Series
LS-QVL/R5 Series
LS-QVL/E Series
LS-WVL/R1 Series
LS-WVL/E Series -
LS-WXL/R1 Series
LS-WSXL/R1 Series
Category Product Code EU
TeraStation TS-2RZH Series
TS-2RZS Series
TS1200D Series
TS1400D Series
TS3400D Series
TS3400R Series
TS4200D Series
TS4400D Series
TS4400R Series
TS4800D Series
TS5200D Series
TS5200DS Series
TS5200DWR Series
TS5400D Series
TS5400DWR Series
TS5400R Series
TS5400RWR Series
TS5600D Series
TS5800D Series
TS5800DWR Series
TS-IXL/R5 Series
TS-RIXL/R5 Series
TS-RVHL/R6 Series
TS-RXL/R5 Series
TS-WXL/R1 Series
TS-XEL/R5 Series
TS-XL/R5 Series
Product Code EU
WS5200D Series
WS5200DR Series
WS5200R2 Series
WS5400D Series
WS5400DR Series
WS5400R2 Series
WS5400RR Series
WS5600D Series
WS5600R2 Series
WS-6VL/R5 Series
WS-QTL/R5 Series
WS-QVL/R5 Series
WS-RVL/R5 Series
WS-WVL/R1 Series


Hard Drives

Category Product Code EU
DriveStation HD-AVSU3/V Series
HD-AVSVU3/V Series
HD-GDU3 Series
HD-LCU3 Series -
HD-LXU3 Series
HD-LXU3L Series -
HD-QHU3/R5 Series
HD-QLU3/R5 Series
HD-WHU3/R1 Series -
HD-WLU3/R1 Series
MiniStation HD-PCFU3 Series
HD-PNFU3 Series
HD-PUSU3 Series
HD-PZFU3 Series
HD-PZNU3 Series -
HDW-PDU3 Series


Optical Drives

Category Product Code EU
Blu-ray Drives BRXL-16U3 Series
BRXL-PT6U2V Series
DVD Drives DVSM-PC58U2V Series
DVSM-PT58U2V Series