Buffalo’s Unique Technology - High Power

Revitalise Your Existing Wireless Network

Tired of dead spots in your wireless network? Buffalo’s unique High Power technology can extend your Wi-Fi range and get rid of those “dead spots” at more than double the speed and range. Now you can go places you never could with standard 802.11g devices – and at faster speed too.

How High Power Works:

Built-in Amplifier Boosts Signal Strength

Buffalo's High Power technology uses a built-in power amplifier to greatly improve your wireless network’s performance - up to 3X the Range and 6X the Speed of standard 802.11g wireless devices. The amplifier boosts signal strength, extending the range of your existing Wi-Fi network.

Two Simple Steps To Upgrading Your Wireless Network

If you already have a wireless network at home and are experiencing range and speed problems, follow these two simple steps to increase its range and improve performance.

Wireless-G MIMO for High-Performance Wireless Networking

Whether you're upgrading your wireless LAN or just getting started, we recommend the Wireless-G MIMO Performance* products. They offer speed, performance - and great value. These products are powered by Buffalo's unique High Power technology.

*This product uses a two antenna/single high power transmitter technology. It is not designed to anticipated 802.11n standards. Based on Buffalo Technology outdoor tests (see accompanying chart), this product outperforms two radio/three antenna MIMO technology beyond certain distances. Buffalo Technology testing also shows that this product equals or exceeds the performance of two radio/two antenna MIMO technology at all distances. When operating in High-Speed Mode, this Wi-Fi device achieves an actual throughput of up to 34.1 Mbps, which is the equivalent throughput of a system following 802.11g protocol and operating at a signaling rate of 125 Mbps. Actual data rate, features and performance may vary depending on your computer system, the environment and other factors.