Get an idea of how Buffalo's products benefit its customers.

The Vieilles Charrues Festival, an important cultural event uses Buffalo Technology storage solutions

With a wealth of data to store and thousands of people to support, all for a three-day festival, there were plenty of challenges for the Japanese manufacturer to overcome.


Buffalo™ Technology and Elbex

The Buffalo TeraStations™, linked to the Elbex video cameras, help to combat theft and malicious activity in one of the largest underground car parks in the region.

Twintip Digital Agency uses Buffalo TeraStation™ to store and manage its creativity in complete safety

When your company’s product is unique, as in the case of creativity, it is vital to store it in a safe place. This is why Twintip, a digital agency based in Reggio Emilia, Italy, chose Buffalo TeraStation™ 5400 to store and manage its data.

How a Buffalo saved publishing firm’s bacon

Surrey-based Kadium Limited specialises in B2B technology magazines which include Networking+, Southern African Wireless Communications, Northern African Wireless Communications, South Asian Wireless Communications and the annual African Wireless Communications Yearbook. As well as publishing print media, the company is also enhancing its online operations via email newsletters and is currently re-developing its website.

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UK Hand Picked Hotels opts for Buffalo Technology to smooth out and speed up IT

Sureline Support is in the process of replacing the LinkStation Pro devices in all 17 of Hand Picked’s hotels with 12TB TeraStation 5400 NAS devices, allowing entire backups to be run across the nationwide network.   “Despite the challenges faced by hotel businesses over the last few years, Hand Picked Hotels continues to focus on improving the guest experience.  We strive to support this as best we can by enabling the hotel staff to focus on the important hotel and guest matters without the distraction of IT.”

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Finland's Slot Machine Association connects thousands of gaming machines with Buffalo's wireless router

Finland's Slot Machine Association (Raha-automaattiyhdistys, RAY) was established in 1938 to collect funds from gambling activities for Finnish social and health organizations to support their activities. Throughout its history, RAY has pursued the money machine business in Finland on an exclusive basis.

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Philip Nash Photography Snaps Up Buffalo's Storage

Philip Nash Photography, based in Surrey, has been shooting commercial and personal photography and
video for over 9 years. As with a great deal of professional photographers today, the company has been working with digital formats for some time. But, as well as bringing a host of benefits to both the photographer and client through the speed in which images can be viewed and delivered, digital photography has also bought with it a new challenge - one of storage.

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Buffalo Technology and Dark Horse Comics, Portland, OR, USA

What do comic books and wireless networking have in common? Both are vital to Milwaukie Portland, OR based Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse began in the mid-1980s as a retail comic book chain in Portland, Oregon by Mike Richardson. Noticing the content of comic books began to stale, Richardson began to seek innovation.

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Leeds Castle Case Study

Dating back to the 13th century, Leeds Castle is four miles southeast of Maidstone in Kent. A royal home for over three centuries, the castle and its grounds are now a popular leisure, educational, and business destination. Owned by the Leeds Castle Foundation, it's regularly used for board meetings, residential conferences, and banquets. Leeds Castle has a number of separate buildings within the moated enclosure as well as in the surrounding grounds. According to IT Manager Andrew Payne, only the administration centre was networked for internet access. Leeds Castle wanted to offer more than this but only had a partial solution.

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City Network Case Study: SparkNet, Turku, Finland

Turku is Finland's oldest city and Turku Science Park, with its three Universities, is Finland's largest Science Park, It holds within its campus, Finland's largest Polytechnic and over 210,000 square meters of facilities for business activities. Turku Science Park is home to 750 companies and organisations, of which nearly 250 are technology-based.

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Education Case Study: St. Columba's College, Dublin, Ireland

The College has some of the finest buildings and largest grounds of any secondary school in Ireland. The school required to network their new and existing computers across the campus for academic staff and pupils. The installation of regular network cable was simply not an option as many of the buildings are over 200 years old with walls over three foot thick in places.

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UK TeraStation Case Study

UK TeraStation Case Study 08/11/2006 The school needed access to data that was up to two years old throughout each academic year, but couldn't rely on teachers or students to keep all of their coursework on file. With over 750 pupils and 80 staff, finding the capacity to store and backup these important files was proving a massive problem, particularly at the end of long courses when coursework had to be retrieved or restored and sent to exam boards electronically.

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